Letterbox 88 house tour (Hall)

IMG 1079

I have a bit of a reputation in my family for my love of rearranging the house. Let's call it a hobby. When people come to visit things rarely look the same and if I could manage all the heavy furniture shifting on my own I'd probably do it even more often. But J hates it when I come to him with 'scheme face' so I try to limit myself.

I've been meaning for ages to do some posts about rooms in the house, but have been waiting till I'm DONE and things are finished. When seriously, what was I thinking? Finished is a town I'm only ever going to drive through with the windows up, on my way to the next thing. So let's just forge ahead.

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To offer some context, Letterbox 88 is a Queenslander from the early 1900s, She's not originally from here, having been uprooted and dragged about 250km on the back of a trailer in 2006.

Renovated Queenslanders sometimes have so many things done to them it's insane. Although they might look original from the outside the interiors can end up being so changed and modernised that once you walk through the door you could be anywhere. I think this is so sad because they are such lovely, creaky, breezy, spider cornered, character filled buildings.

I do realise not everyone wants creaks and breezes and spiders though.

Our old girl has had few changes over the years but she's still very creaky and pretty true to period (with lots of spiders). When I look at floor plans of houses in design magazines I know this house may not be the most practical for the way we live in 2012, but she is full of quirk and so charming I forgive her anything.

IMG 6113

Typical of many Queenslanders, the hall runs down the spine of the house with three rooms off each side and a kitchen out the back.

IMG 6110

Because the hall is gloriously wide it can accommodate quite a bit and I'm always plotting ways to make things more functional. I'm thinking of maybe swapping out the blanket box for a little couch. I'd also like to change the runner but I find rugs the hardest thing in the world to choose. Is that just me?

IMG 6107

Akubra hat, Drizabone coat, Oroton handbag. Could we be any more Aus? I think this says everything about J and I really. The hooks are from Anthropologie and the neglectfully full letter rack is op shop.

IMG 6111

The mirror cluster is a work in progress. It moves slowly these days because I imposed a price limit on what I would pay when I started collecting and they are becoming increasingly tricky to find for a bargain. Even op shops have started taking the piss.

IMG 6109

Hat corner. So handy for grabbing on the way out the door or lending to visitors.

IMG 6188

This writing desk belonged to my Grandma who was given it when she graduated high school. It's just about my favourite thing in the house.

IMG 6190


  1. I have no idea what a Queenslander was before reading this. What is the main living space-- a living room, is that one of the 3 rooms off the hall? Also, the "lovely" print is just like the "LOVE" sign of Philadelphia (where I live). House looks super charming.

    1. The main living space is the living room / dining room but we use the dining room as a TV room - I think you would call it a den. They are on the left and at the end of the hallway in these pics. I think that LOVE sign has inspired artwork the world over. I'd love to see the real thing though.

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