thank you op-shop gods

I love op-shopping. It's such a dark art. You can put requests out to the universe, but what comes back is never what you expect.

There are moments of perfect serendipity when then exact thing you have been stalking on eBay appears on a shelf. Or just days when you find bags full of hilarious things you never knew you needed but absolutely cannot live without.

Other times it's all dresses from Millers.

It can be so disheartening when you experience a drought and don't find anything exciting for ages.

I stopped keeping my hand in op-shop wise for a while, but lately every time I pop into one I seem to come out with armfuls of awesome. So thank you op-shop gods. You rock my world.

IMG 0863 2

How good is this blue and white side plate? A nice piece of random for my mismatched blue and white dinner service. I wonder if it was nicked from a cruise ship or bought in the souvenir shop? I hope nicked.

IMG 0862

Vintage beach towels. These are teeny tiny compared to the beach towels you buy in the shops today. Perfect for throwing in a swim bag and drying a wiggly baby.

IMG 0866

Half price floral sheets are hard to resist.

IMG 0876

And any kind of vintage cape situation is impossible!
I just finished purging a ton of winter coats. I need to stop bringing home new ones. I actually found this one a few weeks ago but had it hidden away until Autumn finally got here.

IMG 0877

Scottish tartan. Fully lined so the scratchy mohair doesn't itch. Bliss.

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  1. That cape is a treasure find! Looks like it's a perfect fit, too.