Blue and gold op shop treasure

Was it op-shop serendipity or am I subconsciously cultivating a new obsession with blue and yellow? Either way, I came back from a quick trip to one of my former locals this week and realised everything I had found matched the colour scheme.

IMG 5242

Blue and yellow porcelain. Tiny and cute. I'm using the bowl in front on my dressing table to keep hair bobbles in.

IMG 5238

Vintage tupperware. This is a new collection of mine after I realised how unbeautiful my plastics cupboard was. It must be Gold Harvest though.

IMG 5244

Blue and yellow scarves. I don't wear vintage scarves as much as I used to these days but I still always keep an eye out for good ones. They make great gift wrapping and these two lovelies combined were cheaper than a roll of paper.

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