Sunday things

IMG 0389

Today we had lunch with old friends in their new house. I took them a house warming gift.

IMG 0390

IMG 0391

IMG 0393

You're welcome.

IMG 0396

I wore head to toe patterns. The skirt and jacket are both Gorman. Adore.

IMG 0400

IMG 0392

Here is some arm jangle.

IMG 0395

Baby rocked a statement tee. I bought this for him before he was born because I loved the sentiment so much but no one ever gets the reference. So disappointing.

IMG 0394

We also took a bottle of home made wine. My father in law makes it and has crates of the stuff stored in our roof. So rustic. It's actually quite delicious.

IMG 0402

Back home this evening I made us all bowls of quinoa and kale to end the day on a virtuous note. So trendy.

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