Lifeline Bookfest

IMG 0433

Baby and I went for a nice dusty rummage at the Lifeline Bookfest today.

IMG 0431

I wore spots with stripes with blue. IMG 0427

Slips are from Topshop.

IMG 0434

The Bookfest has really become so much more civilised since they started running over a week instead of three intense days. No one elbowed me out of the way with their granny grocery cart all day.

IMG 0435

Remember Blossom? Before she was in the Big Bang Theory show this girl had so much awesome 90's style. I loved this show. But I didn't buy this.

IMG 0436

Or this. Look at that grin!

IMG 0440

Instead, I went hard on 70's home handicrafts.

IMG 0442

And a little vintage Terence Conran.

IMG 0441

I almost left this behind.

But it was only $1 in the unpriced section and I couldn't resist the princess fashion.

IMG 0437

IMG 0439

IMG 0438

I could see Diana's outfit or Fergie's here as part of the Autumn Gorman collection, couldn't you?

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