Words for the wall - art prints

I've been looking for inspiration for some things to hang on the wall around here. When we first moved in a year ago I had lots of ideas but only ever got around to hanging one or two pieces and then I got used to it… and then time passed…

Now it's a brand shiny new year and I am determined to hang some shit up. Here are some things I've earmarked. I've gone ahead and purchased some of them already.

They're all very wordy. Because I like words.

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Town map of Twin Peaks This makes me want to watch the series again so much.

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Supercali… whatever

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I know this one crops up everywhere. Can't help it. Love it.

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Perfect Day

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Another Mary Poppins print

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Lovely tea towel

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I don't know where this print is from but I'm thinking of making my own with this quote. Because I like boring things too. The image is from Design Sponge.

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Pink Floyd. Always.

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This one is from Alice in Wonderland. It's the chorus of the Mock Turtle's song I think. Melancholy beautiful.

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