Coloured drinking glasses


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Diod glass 0120607 PE277267 S4

I've been obsessing over coloured water glasses for the longest time now. So pretty and so effortlessly happy. If I op shopped around for long enough I'm sure I could stumble upon some amber 70s specimens from the last time this trend was trendy but I'm feeling too impatient for that.

I think I've narrowed it down to these final three contenders. The green glass is from T2 and is actually a tea glass for hot liquids. This means it's pretty thick and heavy but I think that gives it a nice substantial heft, plus you can put tea in it. The pink glass is Anthropologie and is similar but more delicate. I really love the pink, but it also comes in green and yellow. The blue glass is Ikea and a bargain at $3.99 a pop. I think this would look gorgeous on a table set with blue and white crockery.

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