Isn't this weather diabolical?

IMG 5515

The plants are loving it though. These are turmeric plants we halfheartedly poked into a planter a year ago and left for dead. Miraculous.

IMG 5516

IMG 5517

The kitchen garden is doing well too.

IMG 0477

IMG 0480

I've become more obsessed than usual with the decor at Letterbox 88 so today Baby and I took ourselves to Spotlight for some cushions and fabrics.

Tomorrow we sew. IMG 0479

This is not the recommended use of a stroller. Even when Baby has declined to ride in it.

IMG 5551

Although living in this weather is like breathing through hot face towels I can't deny I enjoy dressing for the downpour. My raincoat is vintage Ralex from the oppies and I don't get to wear it enough. The dress is Gorman and my wells are Hunter (from Asos).

IMG 5555

IMG 5514

Yesterday was Australia Day. Somebody gave Baby this jumpsuit and it was a one time only appropriate style statement so he dressed thematically. We ate some BBQ as is decreed tradition and moaned about how we don't know any of the songs in the Hottest 100 these days.

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