Tablecloth bed linen

IMG 5428

I've mentioned my love of bed linen, no?

The thing is, we have this completely ridiculous bed at the moment and it's very difficult to dress. There is a princess and the pea scenario that involves a tall, Indonesian, four poster bed frame with mosquito nets, with a King Sealy Posturepedic pillow top perched on top. Now, the netting is entirely necessary for summer nights in an old Queenslander sans flyscreens, and the mattress is heaven, but together they make for a very high, very wide bed that involves much clambering.

I had pretty much despaired of finding anything up to the task of disguising all the laptop cords and flashlights Husband insists on keeping bedside (why?) when I decided to throw my luxuriously large new tablecloth from Absolutely Beautiful Things on there.

IMG 5432

Perfect, no?

I'm not sure if it will ever make it back to the table.

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