Dayboro Day 2012

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I love living in a town that has a 'day'. It's so festive. The main street goes from this.

270px Dayboro Main Street 002

To this.

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Sunday was Baby's first Dayboro Day. I remember last year, being pregnant and thinking 'When I come here next year I'll have a baby'. It seemed like such an abstract concept then, and now he's everywhere.

IMG 1159

Watching the parade.

IMG 1160

Watching an escaped balloon.

IMG 1162

Watching me.

IMG 1169

IMG 1164

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One of the local cafes was doing these pork rolls and I have to say it was an outstanding example of the genre. There was a generous serving of oniony stuffing under all that pork and apple sauce. Oh, so good.

IMG 1163

Poffertjes are a staple wherever market stalls congregate. All part of the festival carb fest.

IMG 1176

Baby has taken to pulling off his velcro fastening bibs so my Mum made him some of these apron arrangements with armholes that tie in the back. They are brilliant and such a stylish way to dine. I think I'd wear one myself.

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