Eurovision and more lemons

IMG 1147

I've cut and squeezed lemons until my hands stung today and it doesn't even look like I've made a dent in this basketful. There are so many more on the tree to be picked. I think we'll have to start finding other homes for them. Bags of lemons for everyone.

IMG 1148

I did this lemon cake and also a sorbet in the ice cream maker. I'll do lemon curd too as soon as I get my hands on some more eggs.

I'd love any other lemony suggestions.

IMG 1151

The cake did not cover herself with glory in the unmolding I'm afraid.

Of course, all this baking is only a distraction from the real excitement of today, which is that the Eurovision heats start tonight! I love love love Eurovision. It is one my favourite weekends of the year.

800px Colourful development in Baku

It's being held in Baku, Azerbaijan this year. I know very little about Azerbaijan but truly this is one of the wonderful things about Eurovision. It's educational as well as sparkly.

Bashni 22051224

This is the Baku Crystal Hall, built on the shores of the Caspian Sea specifically for Eurovision 2012. Nice.

If you are in Australia, you should go to the SBS Eurovision page. Do not under any circumstances visit the official Eurovision page at this late stage (I'm not even linking to it) because it will tell you the winners before they are broadcast on TV here and spoil everything.

I'll be staying away from news sites for the rest of the weekend too. Just in case.


I haven't watched any of the song clips in advance but I see those excitable puppies Jedward are singing for Ireland again.

2288 unitedkingdom engelberthumperdinck profile

And the UK is sending Englelbert Humperdinck. Looking forward to that.

2056 sweden loreen profile

This is Loreen from Sweden. Apparently she is the favourite to win this year and Sweden always do well.

8253 fyrmacedonia kaliopi 3 listing

Serious haired young women with intense stares seem to dominate the line up this year. I think Kaliopi from FYR Macedonia should be good though. Interestingly, Kaliopi isn't wearing the eyepatch in her other publicity shots. It's a fashion only eyepatch.

Anyway, must go now. Husband has been googling Azerbaijan cuisine all morning to help us menu plan. I'm thinking we might try this recipe for Plov.


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