Are you trying to sponsor my blog Gorman?

IMG 0996

Gorman sent me this bottle of nail polish yesterday. I didn't order it and there were no details in the package.

Are you trying to validate my internet shopping addiction with free accessories Gorman? Or is this an overture? Do you really want to sponsor this blog and kit me out in all your new seasons collections so I can blog about them?

Call me.

IMG 0997 2

Meanwhile, the bush lemon tree is groaning with fruit.

The grass between us is too long and scary for me to get a closer photo but you get the idea.

IMG 0977

We've only picked a few so far but it signifies the start of the season in which we MUST use lemons in EVERYTHING.

IMG 0979

I've started as I mean to go on with a lemon tart.

IMG 1008

Do you ever go outlet shopping? Our DFO is out at the airport and I haven't been for years. Apparently they have an Oroton shop there now.

IMG 1009

Seriously discounted, factory second, handbag LOVE.

IMG 1005

I was feeling red and pink.

IMG 1004

And a little leopard.

IMG 4474 thumb

While we are on the subject of companies I think should send me things so I can endorse them, can we talk about Bonds baby gear?

I don't know if my baby is just the exact size of the Bonds baby fit model, (do they use fit models for baby clothes?) but it feels like they are the only clothes I can find that fit him properly and consistently.

IMG 0984

Bonds Baby

IMG 0994

Competing brand fail.

Also Bonds, your commercials made me cry all the time when I was pregnant.
I'm sure we could work something out.

NB: Yes, that is a plastic computer fan behind Baby in the photo above. His father gave it to him and it's one of his most favoured toys.

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