Prams are like giant handbags, with babies in them (pram accessories review)

I like accessories and I like list-making.

What I like even more, is accessories that help you be organised. More than that? Making lists of accessories that help you be organised. Shall we? lets.

When I was pregnant with Baby I spent a great deal of time researching what things I would need to nail this mummy business. Nearly eight months down the track these are the things I cannot live without.

IMG 0927

Let's start with the pram. This is my Bugaboo Cameleon and it is the bomb. Let no one tell you differently. Mine is an old model purchased second hand on Ebay but just about everything on it is new apart from the chassis. That's because almost every blessed part of this pram is changeable and replaceable. Love it.

IMG 0928

I have to tell you, I did not start off with this pram. My research led me to decide that the high end of the pram market was a scam and that I would be just as happy with a cheap and cheerful model. Which is what I bought, and I HATED it. I lasted almost six months with the Steelcraft Agile before I cracked and bought the Bug.

I love it because:

  • I can turn the seat around so Baby can face me. The lack of this feature in the Agile was one of most pressing reasons I wanted to change. This isn't the Agile's fault, I should have valued this feature higher when I was looking for prams. I didn't think it was important. I was wrong.
  • The seat recline is super easy to operate with a baby in situ. I used to spend ages squatting and fiddling with the last pram.
  • Baby can sit up properly straight in this pram and see around him. Even on the most upright setting on the Agile I felt like he couldn't really see out.
  • Everything is replaceable and Ebay is full of second hand Bugaboo accessories (see above). I haven't gone down the path of buying new colours for mine, but I could. I may.

  • It's true the fold on this thing is not the easiest out there but I'm such a fan of everything else about it I just don't care.

    IMG 0937

    Prams are like giant handbags, with babies in them. Thus, they need to be well organised. These are the things I use for that.

    IMG 0931

    This Joovy Organiser is made for a different brand of pram but it fits snugly (very snugly) over the handle of the Bug and the chassis can still be folded with it in place. There are a ton of these kind of organisers out there but I dig the flat neoprene look of this one.

    It has two drink holders and various little pockets for sliding phones and keys into. Phones and similarly slim items are pretty invisible in these pockets so it's not obvious they are in there at all. I like this feature a lot for when I'm out in crowded places, even if it means I sometimes put the pram in the boot with my phone still in there. The taut neoprene is also handy for clipping things onto. I do this with sunnies and my little insulated food holder when I want to keep it handy.

    IMG 0929

    I love handbags. So I found the idea of carting about the same nappy bag for years instead of being able to change up my collection of bags at a whim so disheartening when contemplating motherhood. The horror!

    I've put a lot of thought into ways to around this. Some might say too much.

    IMG 0935

    I have this Bugaboo Organiser attached to the back of the pram seat. It folds up with the pram and stays in the car when not in use. In it I keep:

  • 3 nappies
  • Wipes
  • Plastic disposal bags for nappies
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Spare outfit for Baby
  • Towelling face cloth

  • IMG 0936

    I find this is all I need for nappy situations at the moment. Nappy bags come with a changing mat but I think these are a waste of space. I keep a light muslin throw in my handbag that can be used for nappy changes, general mess cleaning, shoulder protection or modesty as the need arises.

    The Bugaboo Organiser takes care of a large amount of the nappy bag crap when I am out with the pram but what about when I am going somewhere pram-less?

    IMG 0960

    I throw this Melobaby changing wallet in my bag instead.

    This holds pretty much the same list of things as the pram organiser and fits in most of my handbags.

    IMG 0961

    There are usually a few other small baby things, like the muslin blanket, sunscreen, a hat, socks and teething rusks kicking about in all my handbags even with these measures but they definitely make it a lot easier to avoid the dread nappy bag.

    IMG 0933

    I am such a nerd I have two kinds of bag clips on this pram to hold said handbags. They are each useful for different kinds of bags.

    The clips are these ones and are excellent for attaching bags with ring hooks like the one in the photo.

    IMG 0932

    The hooks are here and are handy for bags with fabric straps or general shopping bags.

    IMG 0959

    The last thing I want to tip my hat to in this list is Lamaze toys. This is Baby's collection. They are generally around $10-$15 from Big W and Baby and I couldn't love them more.

    Not only are they all bright and fun with lots of crinkly, squeaky, rattly, grabby bits, they all come with a massive hook that lets you attach them to cots, pram bars, handbags or people as necessary.

    IMG 0958

    I've taken to wearing one on my handbag like a giant Japanese bag charm most places I go and I kind of love it. The horsey is my current fave.

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