Bits and bobs and urban pyjamas

IMG 1130

I was very tempted by this board game at the oppie today.

IMG 1131

I felt sad thinking about girls having to 'imagine they are having a pyjama party', but at least this game is 'safe'.

When I went to pyjama parties as a girl we always watched Dirty Dancing and practiced doing the lift. It took three girls to equal one set of Patrick Swayze arms.

IMG 1129

I imagined I was having a slumber party all day today in my urban pyjamas.

This Witchery cardigan is a little like wearing a dressing gown. I'm a big fan of it.

IMG 1127

These are my formal uggs from Big W. They have a wedge heel which makes them public appropriate.

I think I mentioned before that the locals in my small town like to embrace the public ugg. I'm finding it's a slippery slope though. From wearing them around the house, to the local cafe and now to the op shop. Where will it end?

IMG 1123 2

In other news, we're still picnicking.

Baby fed his first ravenous seagulls by the bay. I grew up in Bondi and chasing seagulls is one of my earliest memories. I don't remember them being so bold though! Have seagulls always been this bossy or have I become less fearless with age? I was worried for Baby's chubby fingers.

IMG 1125

My mum gave Baby this aquatic puzzle and we've all been playing with it. It's tricky, but also delicious to chew on. All toys should be this attractive and tactile.

IMG 1119

Tulips are perfect aren't they? These were $6 at the supermarket a few days after Mother's Day.

IMG 1118

The slow cooker has not left the bench top lately. I know the same results can be achieved with an old school pot in the oven for the most part, but I find it comforting to know that by 9am, whatever else may happen in my day, dinner is sorted.

I'm also finding that slow cooked food is a good consistency for mono-toothed babies and it's nice when we can all eat the same thing.

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  1. Your Ugg dilemma is hilarious- I find myself in the same battle. Everyone wears them everywhere here though, for better or worse.